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Stargate Universe Turning Into Horrible Space Opera

By - Monday, November 9th, 2009

Sorry, Stargate Universe, you are losing me.

I initially gave SGU a good review. The first episode was very promising.

Seven episodes later, the show is failing to live up to its initial promise.

We’re treated to the “Big Problem of the Week” instead of the “Big Adventure of the Week.” More and more, the focus of the show is on the lame sex lives of the characters, instead of science fiction.

An excessive focus of the show has been the love life of Chloe, who is probably the weakest, least interesting, and most annoying character on SGU. (In fact, I’d make her one of the worst characters I’ve seen on TV in a while).

In the most recent episode of SGU, we were treated to an extensive trip into a nightclub, where we got to see Chloe (trading consciousness with someone on earth), get upset at her best friend for now dating her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Chloe is sleeping with a young soldier on the ship – so why should she care? It’s not like she’s being loyal to said boyfriend. Meanwhile, Eli is in love with her.

THIS IS NOT SCI-FI! I do not care about Chloe and her stupid love life!

Chloe is a good example of how useless most characters are made on SGU. Chloe is there because she’s a senator’s daughter. She does not offer anything of value to the efforts to save the people on Destiny, yet she’s regularly given special perks due to her political status. She has yet to display any bravery, intelligence, creativity, or anything else useful (other than talking back to Rush in one brief instant).

Among the women on Destiny: We have a boring human resources manager, a boring blonde medic, and that’s about it. The male characters are slightly better but not one of them has any lasting charisma to make the show inspiring. Eli is a character I do like, but he irritates half the audience, and Rush is probably the only thing saving this show.

If the writers at SGU don’t get it together soon, this show is going to go down in history as one of the worst, most mind-numbingly painful sci-fi shows ever. And that’s a lot for me to say, considering how much I liked the first episode.

Get it together, SGU people. You can start by diminishing Chloe’s role and finding some other more interesting female to bring to the forefront, someone who has more dramatic interest other than the fact that she sleeps around a lot and confuses cheap sex with love.

I am giving SGU about one or two more episodes. If they continue the obsessive focus on Chloe’s personal life rather than science fiction, I am done.

3 Responses to “Stargate Universe Turning Into Horrible Space Opera”

  1. 1

    I too had such high hopes for this show. The first
    episode seed like many of the previous SG series
    (e.g. action, creative thought and so forth.) Fast forward
    half a dozen episodes and I find my self more captivated
    with the Weather Channel.

    Where’s the action. Where’s the bad guys, the impending
    doom, THE SCIENCE?

    For a series that takes place on a ship millions of
    light years away, we sure do spend an inordinate amount
    of time back on Earth (thanks to the conjuring of a handy plot
    device known as the “stones”- how cute.)

    I for one am bored silly. This show should be called
    “Stargate 90210″ or “Stargate OC.”

  2. 2


    What can I say.

    What can we do except stop watching this steaming turd pile that Mr. Brad Wright, Joseph Mallozzie and company, in their infinite wisdom decided to serve loyal stargate fans via exceedingly slow drip.

    Four episodes in and I turned it off in disgust.

    Brad Wright and Joseph Mallozzie have been attempting to defend their turd pile from the wrath of loyal stargate fans .. and guess what they came up with?

    Well loyal Stargate fans, SGU is completely different, more mature etc.. and you need to deal with what we (TPTB) give you or you can just tune out, because we’ve got new fans now.

    SGU is more mature????? woaaaaaa??? For who? Since when is teenie drama bs mature? Besides, it’s STARGATE , not 90210. We want mature adventure, tough decisions, science .. etc.

    The fact is, that Wright and Mallozzie are liars. They want to expand the demographic and make more money off the backs of the loyal stargate fans.

    The first season of SGPU will have good ratings because the Stargate fans are still blind sided by what happenned.

    Wright and company are gambling that by the time the drama lovers tune into the show and the stargate fans abandon the show, that the ratings will continue to climb irregardless.

    Are they right? Perhaps.
    Is it right? Duh.

    I’m not as smart as the rest of SGU’s target audience. You see I don’t want relationship issues on my TV. I’m too stupid to understand human drama , like Days of Our Lives … and I don’t like it. It makes me drowsy.

    I want my sci-fi to be fun and action packed. I want my heroes to be strong and intelligent and I need them to enforce good values.

    Call me stupid.

  3. 3
    Charles Roberts:

    Terrible Show.

    I bought the DVD of the first half of season 1. What a joke. The description should have clued me in:

    “…The danger, adventure, and hope they find on Destiny will reveal the heros and villans among them.”

    Really? Is this supposed to be Survivor In Space?

    I totally agree. The idiotic ‘Stones’ have to go. No one wants to tune into a sci-fi series set three galaxies away and have 80% of the plotlines occur on Earth!

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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